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A hotel a travel destination

Date: 2016-11-24

With the unceasing change of tourism form, now, the hotel is no longer travel form a complete set of tools, but the sublimation became the travel destination, more and more rich leisure services, from yoga, outdoor activities, to the tour guide, food courses, children's summer camp, a good hotel is often found in the surprise, residents want to explore the curiosity of the unknown, and then changed into a lively, fun, happy journey.

Emperor city style with classic

Peninsula hotel more than hundred years of history, while the global stores a handful, but every open a stunning the world, even the renovation is no exception.As banned under one of the most sense of luxury hotel, Beijing royal peninsula hotel after nearly 30 years of ups and downs, start the renovation plan last year, total cost as high as 890 million yuan.Look, this is the splendid ancient Chinese dynasty palace;Neri, provides the oasis located in the center of the capital escape, to retreat.

Beyond the "home" feeling

As China continues to develop at an alarming rate, the peninsula hotel continuation of traditional Chinese culture of beginner's mind.When step into the hotel lobby, the strong artistic breath already paved, avant-garde artists in China c for peninsula and the two 5 m Gao Riyue ink painting great momentums, crossing the creation of two bronze statue but also highlights the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese here.

Very grand and elegant lobby, like an art exhibition space, and it is not used to deal with the Check in, because the guest in the rooms with the check-in.Arrives at the hotel gate, you only need to put the luggage to concession, stepping a classic carpet can be directly to the guest room.Hotel reduce the original 525 rooms and suites and reclaimed to just 230 rooms, from 60 square meters, is the most wide hotel rooms in Beijing, and USES the "suite style", configuration independent bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and closet, facilities.