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"Guangzhou tourism + marathon" horse launch swim guangzhou courtesy

Date: 2016-11-23

Reporters from the organizing committee of widely held a news conference that: all the guangzhou Toyota this year, the 2016 guangzhou marathon runner, enjoy the organizing committee will launch "swim guangzhou exclusive courtesy" travel package.
According to introducing, wide horse organizing committee for the contestants for the first time "athletes swim guangzhou exclusive courtesy" include: one is the multiple scenic area.Wide player ma could free the Chen clan academy, guangzhou museum, garden, millions of kwai garden treasure ink, south China botanical garden, etc. 13 extremely local characteristics of tourist attractions in guangzhou.Wide player ma can also be at a fifty percent discount price, visit guangzhou tower, lotus, white water village, night cruise on the pearl river and double sightseeing bus;Second, the city has 47 star hotel offers wide player ma preferential housing;3 it is to elaborate the lingnan culture Tours, modern historic Tours, urban style, such as outbound chaton silk road 15 theme of 45 tourist routes for the player to choose from.Also specifically for foreign players to introduce a foreign guests half day tour routes;Four is the exclusive travel book."2016 wide player ma marathon travel book" will be distributed along with competition items to the players, players with wide horse travel courtesy card, id card and enjoy relevant preferential registration confirmation.
Guangzhou sports bureau, deputy director li chi keung, said, in the horse starts, brought "the guangzhou tourism + marathon" a rare development opportunity of cooperation.For the wide wide player ma masterminded the 2016 horses swim guangzhou exclusive courtesy, purpose is through a wide platform, better to show the world the rich tourism resources and unique charm city in guangzhou, fine fine savour colorful guangzhou.