57F ~ 73F Cloudy Weather Detail

Say good recovery ruined!Guangzhou the weather continued cold pattern over the weekend

Date: 2016-11-25

On November 24, 2016, after the cold air coming, guangzhou cool fresh air, liuhua lake park, the wind roses bloom, people insist on walking, exercise in the cold wind.West gate, pedestrians hair by the north wind blowing messy.Services information reporter Chen sick child taken
Say good recovery
Ocean network - If the cold air influence to cover guangzhou the day before yesterday, the entire guangdong under its control, yesterday morning around the lowest temperature decreased obviously, guangzhou fell to around 10 ℃.Originally this two days the temperature has a brief rebound slightly, the latest forecast is to continue to cold.
Meteorological observatory predicted that guangzhou city may rain in the next three days, the temperature is roughly between 11 to 15 ℃.(services information reporter leaf cass correspondent season)
On November 23, 11 in guangzhou area have been released the cold yellow early warning signal, a yellow warning signal of civil relief of the cold weather and subsequent start emergency plans.