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Enjoy the landscape leisure trip South China five chongqing tourism alliance to promote

Date: 2016-11-25

On November 24, in the afternoon, to strengthen the regional tourism cooperation, promote the "five south China city tourism alliance" tourist routes and products, expand the tourism market in southwest China, in chongqing, jiangbei tourism bureau, under the support of the guilin tourism development committee, hezhou tourism development committee, qingyuan city, guangzhou, zhaoqing tourism bureau, tourism bureau hosted the "five south China city" golden tourist line meeting was held in chongqing.

Chongqing in the golden tourist line pitch, highlights the guilin, congratulation state, five cities such as guangzhou, zhaoqing, qingyuan abundant tourism resources and wiring products.In order to make more publicity, promotion, five city united made a new travel information, and more than 100 travel agencies to chongqing guest distributed stores "five south China city" golden tourist line flyer, let more chongqing residents understand "five south China city".

It is understood that since September 2012, the south China city of five began to jointly produce "five south China city landscape leisure golden tourist line", and gradually formed the effect.In recent years, it has also held a meeting in shijiazhuang, luoyang, respectively, and repeatedly joint international tourism exhibition in guangzhou, China - asean expo guilin tourism exhibition, marketing campaign with the overall image of foreign tourist activities.

"Five south China city" across the five cities of guangdong, east to the international manufacturers in guangzhou, west to the international famous tourist city of guilin, distance is not more than 500 kilometers, the opening of your wide high-speed five south China city, formed the tourism economic circle of 2 hours.Easy to integrate circuit, guilin, congratulation state, guangzhou, zhaoqing, qingyuan five south China city tourism resources complementary type, landscape jiatianxia guilin, congratulation state ecological folk characteristics, zhaoqing is famous for its natural scenery, qingyuan is the drift of the township, guangzhou with trade and the theme amusement., on the basis of the implementation of barrier-free tourism zone of guangdong to build five south China city landscape ecological tourist line, is adapt to the new situation, the needs of the development of the tourism market, has carried on the good marketing and brand promotion.